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Spring 2022
Last year I received a commission to do a wine label for Imagery Wines
 from the Napa Valley,

Featuring their 2022 Zinfandel which will be released sometime in 2022.
I tried some when it was about six months old and it was very nice.

The painting is in their permanent collection and installed at the
onsite museum  which anyone can visit.

Located in beautiful Glen Ellen California.

Benzinger Family Winery, 1883 London Ranch Rd, Glen Ellen, CA 95442

The Painting

Highway 12.  24 x 38 in. mixed media on panel 2021


Friday, February 5, 2021

I was recently sent this image of a four piece sculpture I made in 1983, Happy to see it's still around after almost 40 years. I intended it to be stacked or laid
 out in any way that worked with its base. The configuration seen here
is a nice option I think.

Each cube is approximately 16 inches square as I recall and constructed of wood and painted acrylic. Constructed in my Pacific Grove Studio (1978-2003) in 1983. It may be coming available as conditions have changed for the collector. If you have an interest in aquiring this work I would be happy to connect you both.


Friday, January 29, 2021

405 Fountain Ave. Pacific Grove, California. I bought this house in late 1969 and moved my family here January 1970 from LA. We all lived in this small victorian gem until 1983. It started out at 900 square feet and ended at over 1600 square feet. Finding and creating room for a six member family plus visiting friends and strangers. I even found and created spaces to paint in and build. Good times.

I made several drawings and paintings of "The Fountain House"
over the years.


Friday, January 22, 2021

I love trains, have since I was a kid hanging out at the tracks with the "Hobo's"
Really feeling like taking a ride. I often take the 65 mile trip on the Rail Runner from Albuquerque to Santa Fe but not so much since the pandemic started. A long distance trip on the Southwest Chief sounds nice; all the way to Chicago with a drawing pad and some tools.

Came accross this great looking Union Pacific Railroad map from the 1940s or so; during the age of steam. When I was about seven years old my mother took my sister and me on a trip from LA to the midwest through the rockies on a Union Pacific Passenger train, wish I could remember what it was called.


Friday January 15, 2021

I mostly love
I paint
except the


Friday, January 8, 2012
What wine goes well with watching too much TV
and worrying about the end of democracy?


Friday, January 1, 2021

A New Year.

I think I need to take a break. 2020 has been an intense year in so many ways for everyone. I spend a lot of time in isolation as a painter so the lock down seems almost normal to me. It's when I go outside that things get strange. I must say I did get a lot of painting done, started early on a body of small abstracts that I really feel good about; no plans to show them though I would really like to at some point with the right venue. I did manage to publish a full color catalog that's available for 20.00  I'll even autograph it for you if you mail it to me with return postage. Get yours today!

Poem Collection/Small Works 2020

Poem Collection/Small Works 2020

A selection of mixed media paintings. 2020

Find out more on MagCloud

8.5 x 11 in. 40 page perfect bound catalog with 35 color images and text.


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